Pre\Post Tan



How to prep for a spray tan?

  • Shower and exfoliate from head to toe (especially areas that tend to be dry) the evening prior to your session
  • Any hair removal (if applicable) is to be done 24-48 hours prior to your spray tan
  • We recommend avoiding the use of retinol and/or salicylic acid products for 1 week prior to your tan session

TIPS for perfect prep: 

  • Exfoliate using a rough scrub and/or a washcloth with warm water
  • Don't forget to exfoliate face neck, elbows, knees, hands, and ankles
  • If you find an older spray tan is still holding on - have a bath and soak prior to completion your exfoliation 
  • Do be sure to hydrate by drinking water and applying a thin layer of your favourite body hydration product right after your exfoliation but REMEMBER: NO LOTION THE DAY OF YOUR TAN SESSION.


  • Shower at least 4 hours prior to your tan session
  • Please come to your appointment without any lotions, oils, or makeup on the skin. We will provide you with a wipe if you need to remove a small amount of makeup or deodorant prior to your tan session
  • Wear or bring loose fitting dark clothing for after your tan session. Our solutions are water soluble but we do recommend darker clothing just in case. 


How to maintain your spray tan for lasting results?

  • Avoid all sources of water during your processing time (before your initial rinse)
  • Plan to relax (physically demanding tasks that may make you sweat etc) until after your initial rinse
  • Do not wax or exfoliate following your spray tan application
  • Moisturize twice daily and hydrate from the inside out with H20
  • Avoid excessive use of chlorine pools and hot tubs for longevity of your tan
  • Always use SPF protection to avoid damaging your skin
  • You can use our organic rose water Tan Spritz to revive the fading tan on your face or other areas on the body or to boost the colour. It is a fan favourite!!
  • DO NOT use Dove products or any harsh soaps with alcohol as a high ingredient
  • Avoid working out for 24 hours following your spray tan session
  • When you see an area of your tan coming off, gentle being exfoliating to remove and prep skin for next session

#1 Tip is to STAY HYDRATED! Can't wait to see you soon and get you living your best bronze life.