The active ingredient in the solution is called DHA (dihydroxyacetone) don't worry this sounds scary but it is entirely safe and FDA approved! DHA is a simple carbohydrate that can be found in sugar beets and sugar cane. When DHA comes in contact with the dead skin cells on your body (the outermost layer of skin) it interacts with the amino acids (proteins), causing a browning effect - that lovely natural tan colour we desire. A spray tan does not dye the skin. The immediate colour you see is a bronzing colour guide that helps me, the technician, not miss any sections and allows you to instantly see your tan. The DHA starts to react with the skin within 1 hour of your tan application and continues to do so for 8-12 hours.  

No worries here! Our solutions are made with the highest quality DHA that is organically sourced. Orange spray tan worries generally stem from a poorly applied spray tan or previously using a spray booth. I am a certified, sunless tan artist - rest assured your skin tone will be colour matched and your application applied skillfully, with the best solutions in the business, to achieve your golden brown tan.

This depends on several factors including your skin type, skin shed cycle, lifestyle and aftercare. It will last 7 days and generally between 7-12 days.

They can last an extra few days depending on how you take care of your skin. Keep in mind that long hot showers/baths, heavy sweating and chlorine all tend to dry out your skin. Using a hydrating lotion or a tinted tan lotion everyday and staying hydrated from the inside out with H20 will keep your skin happy + healthy. Happy and healthy skin, stays tan longer. 

Remember, the DHA in the solution is tanning the outermost layer of your skin, dead skin cells.. you don't want your tan lasting longer than this amount of time! That would be an indication of oil based solution (NOT RECOMMENDED for skin absorption). Here at bronzed by B we use a water soluble solution.

Yes. I will customizea solution that will work with your skin-tone and desired result. However, if you are new to spray tanning I suggest selecting a shade lighter for your first session. For special events, I recommend a trial run tan a month prior to your event. Check out the Special Event deal for 2 sessions at a discounted rate.

YES. Your airbrush tan does not protect you. It is very important to remember to wear your SPF! 

Many moms to be and new moms take advantage of sunless tanning! DHA is FDA approved for sunless tanning use, it comes in contact with your outermost skin and does not enter the bloodstream. Solutions used by bronzed by B will always be the safest and highest of quality. A list of ingredients is available and it is requested that you consult your doctor prior to booking your first session. 

Unfortunately, no. It can get very blotchy/unpleasant! Remember to apply + reapply your SPF next time and come back to get your glow on with us when your skin is finished its repairing.

The skin on our face is more exposed environmentally. We wash our faces often and use products such as toners, anti-aging serums, etc. To combat this fading, remember to hydrate your face and consider using a gradual tan facial mist in between tans. Ask for details! 

Any shaving or waxing should be done at least 24 hours prior to your tanning session.

It is very important to exfoliate the day or evening before your session as well. When exfoliating do not use a scrub with heavy oil content, a natural based scrub or a loofah/wash cloth/exfoliating glove with warm water is ideal. Exfoliating properly is key in helping your skin prep to prolong that flawless tan.

Please shower at least 4 hours prior to your tanning session. 

If you have any other beauty appointments, they should be scheduled PRIOR to a tanning session. This includes: hair, mani/pedi, eyelash extensions, brows, etc.

Please arrive for your tanning session with NO lotions, oils, deodorant, makeup or perfumes on the skin. 

After scheduling your trial run tan, 30 days prior to your event, your event tan should be booked 1-3 days prior to your event. For brides, 2-3 days prior to your wedding. You will need at least one warm rinse shower to remove the cosmetic bronzer guide colour and reveal your natural, perfectly bronzed skin.

Your session is booked for 20 minutes. The actual tanning portion (spraying and drying) will generally be around 10-15 minutes. It is important to be on time and it is requested that new clients arrive 5 minutes prior to their session for consultation. 

It is best to wear loose fitting, dark clothing to your session. You can always pack these items to wear home after your tan is applied. Our solutions are water soluble and if any of the cosmetic bronzer in the formula does come off on your clothes it will wash out.

Once your tan is developed (8-12 hours, no more than 24 hours before your first warm rinse) then the tan is set and will not come off on any clothing. Time to rock your favourite white shirt!

Ladies, you are more than welcome to wear as little or as much as you are comfortable in. This could be nude, a bikini, sports bra, hipster style underwear, thong, etc. Men, must wear underwear or swimwear.

It is absolutely possible to get a spray tan treatment every week. Although, the maintenance required would be extensive and your skin cycle would have to be pretty ideal.. realistically and what I personally suggest is every two weeks at the soonest. 

It allows you to enjoy that tan for as long as possible, before scrubbing down + reviving that colour to a flawless golden brown once again! Check our pricing section for discounts + promotions for frequent tanning. We want our bronzed babes to get the very best service and value for their money!

As we learned above, the DHA reacts with your dead skin cell's proteins, resulting in our desired bronzing effect. Therefore, as your skin goes through its unique, natural exfoliation process - these dead skin cells shed. It is important to note that not every cell will shed at the same rate. Ouu science!! You may have some "tanned" cells that remain or last longer than the others. The result is an appearance of dark spots that may look similar to freckles. This has no correlation to your tan technician or the solution used. Keep in mind that this process tends to be a bit more noticeable when you stray further into the darker world from your natural skin colour. However, you can help counteract this by moisturizing with a tan extending lotion or anything extra hydrating (coconut oil is great)!

Certified tan technicians control the amount of solution applied to areas like the face, hands, feet and other areas that need to appear more natural! Natural body contouring can be done by a technician. 

The breathing situation is much better, you can breathe normally and not worry about solution being sprayed out all over the place. In a spray booth, the solution may not be very high quality or researched for harsh ingredients. You also just stand in a booth hoping you understand the position you are supposed to be in and then BAM it sprays. 

As a certified tan technician, I advise you in to stand in which position at what moment for perfect coverage and application.

REGULAR TAN: Once the solution is applied, you will have a bronze colour on your skin. The DHA will continue to develop over the next 8-12 hours on your skin. Don't worry if it starts looking "too tan" it will lighten up!! It is crucial to avoid water, sweating, puppy dog licks, etc during this time. Plan to max and relax for at least 8-12 hours.

Leaving the solution on for more than 24 hours is NOT RECOMMENDED and will not make your tan darker. It will just dry out your skin. Your first shower after the 8-12 hours should be a warm water rinse only. Pat your skin dry out of the shower. Now it is set in and it is time to get your hydrate on. Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize! 

Once the solution is applied, you will have a bronze colour on your skin. You will leave it on for 1-4 hours prior to your rinse depending on desired tan result (I will give you a recommendation). You will then warm water rinse until water runs clear. You will not look that tan after your rinse as the DHA will still need 8-12 hours to develop your tan. Rapid Tans allow you the convenience of rinsing sooner in our busy world! Pat dry out of the shower and no need to moisturize right away with a rapid ... your tan is still developing! Feel free to moisturize that SAME day right before bed. 

Remember keeping your skin hydrating inside + out makes for the perfect situation for your skin to rock your tan longer!! You can use a tinted, gradual tanner if you'd like. Contact me for recommendations on my personal favourites. Plain old coconut oil is very hydrating, as well as many clean ingredient, basic body lotion. Avoid mineral oil and baby oil as they can strip tans. If you notice the tan fading in certain areas - feet, underarms, hands, and face - apply a gradual self-tanner around day three or four. This is totally your preference and not required by any means.

You can shower + wash as normal but no exfoliation is advised until before your next spray tan session.

Feel free to live your new bronze and beautiful life - BUT don't get any crazy ideas about steam rooms + drinking mimosas in the hot tub. Instead, frolic the ocean, river, the forest - wherever your happy place is.

Yes! Mobile tans are available upon request and subject to schedule availability. Please see Pricing tab for further details.

Life happens and sometimes unforeseen circumstances get the best of us! Please advise me 24-48 hours prior to your tan booking for cancellations/re-scheduling, This allows me to fill your space + ensure all you babes get bronzed. A $10.00 charge may fall on your next appointment time if less than 24 hours notice is given (case by case, under my discretion). I appreciate everyone's adherence to this important policy.