Tan Spritz

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Imagine this ... you mist this easy to use *somewhat magic* clear tan solution with added organic rose water + skin loving botanicals onto your face and you wake in the morning with clear, glowy skin. 

No need to "cover up" ... you feel confident, your skins FEELS and looks healthier. You hit the jackpot. 

This product is:

  • Non-comedogenic 
  • Derived from natural plant sources
  • Build-able in depth of tan
  • Easy to use - mist 2-3 sprays like a toner and leave to dry (develops over 4-12 hrs and no need to rinse)

This product can be used:

  • For facial tanning
  • To touch up fading areas when you have a self or spray tan, or to help even out tan lines from the sun. If using to touch up hands, make a slight claw before misting
  • To prep + set skin for makeup

Available in 2oz, 4oz and 8oz sizes. Sustainable Glass Bottle Packaging.

RECYCLING: Return your clean, dry + label-free glass bottle for $5 off your next bottle of the same size.


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  • Tan Spritz

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