• Luxury Fully Custom Tan (Rapid/Regular)

    Full Body:


    Top or Bottom Half Only:


    Full Body with POST SPRAY:


    Full Body VIP with POST SPRAY and CONTOURING:


    *We have transitioned to FULLY custom tans. Meaning each solution blend can function as a RAPID or REGULAR rinse, depending on consultation.

  • Add ons

    Hydra post spray is a high dose vitamin + hydration spray to seal your fresh tan and extend it's life by 30-40%!

    A total game changer + a very well loved treatment. Enjoy your tan and keep it looking great for longer. Workouts, swimming, sun exposure - you name it, you'll be ready to combat early fading thanks to hydra. Book your tan right in the system with POST SPRAY add-on.

    Specialized full-body contouring is available to book to elevate your custom luxury tan to new heights!

    Book your tan right in the system with CONTOURING add-on.

  • Bridal/Event

    Bridal/Event - Rapid/Regular - Package

    Two Luxury Full Body Tan Applications (trial to be booked anytime 14 days prior to wedding/event tan)

    *Add POST SPRAY or CONTOURING - please advise as we will manually add these to your appointment.

    Blend can function as a RAPID or REGULAR rinse. Discussed during consultation.

    *Booking systems allows you to book 60 days out, if you are needing an appointment booked further in advance, please contact us directly for manual booking.

  • Packages

    Bulk tan packages are available! Please contact us directly through the contact page or on socials for available options. Packages are to be paid in full at time of purchase and can be booked using system or through us directly.

    Sunshine Club Memberships - purchase HERE and enjoy all the sunless lifestyle has to offer. See you soon. Stay golden!


All bookings are subject to mandatory booking deposit upon sending through your appointment request. This deposit is non-refundable. This deposit will be kept on file as a credit if you need to change/cancel your appointment prior to 48 hours. Within 48 hours your deposit is forfeited and you may be subject to a 50% service fee. Within 24 hours cancellation, you are subject to full service fee.

Bookings can be made in the system up to 60 days out. If you need to secure an appointment further in advance, please contact us directly for a manual booking.

To book future tans of a package, please select the "2nd, 3rd, 4th of a package" booking deposit option. If you are unsure of which option to select, we are happy to help! Please contact us directly.

If you are feeling unwell or have had contact in your household with someone who is unwell, please let us know and reschedule your appointment to keep everyone safe + healthy.

Find out what an expertly applied spray tan can do for you

Sunless tanning is one of the most underrated beauty services and it can sometimes get a bad wrap! Gone are the days of orange-tone spray tan nightmares and the days of gorgeous, tans are here. Not only will a fresh spray tan give you a healthy glow - the ingredients in our luxury solutions actually benefit your skin AND the mood boost from this service is undeniable.